Ms Rosy Hotline in Nigeria, run by GIWYN, gives information about women’s reproductive health rights and safe choices. It was formerly launched on 27th September 2014.  This hotline creates a violence free platform for women and girls seeking information on their reproductive health and rights. It puts power and decision into the hands of women. “Ms Rosy Hotline gives free and reliable information about women’s Reproductive Health and Safe Choices. It is not a medical service itself. This Hotline is an information service that responds to the needs of women in need of Reproductive Health information

Women themselves must act to expand access to reliable Reproductive Health information. This hotline is a resource for women. WOMEN CAN ACT NOW, THEY CAN CALL MS ROSY HOTLINE FOR INFORMATION TO SAFE THEIR LIVES (08097737600 OR 8097738001.“Ms Rosy” is an information service that provides reliable information on women’s reproductive health. All the information given by Ms Rosy is based on objective research of the World Health Organization, and intended for women of reproductive age.


Ms Rosy Hotline was formerly launched by GIWYN on the 27th of September 2014. The launching took place in Lagos Nigeria, it involved a March with a Disco Van and a sound band to create awareness of the Hotline also sharing of hand bills, hotline advocacy materials like t-shirts, hand bands, towels, stickers, posters, aprons etc that has the inscription of the hotline and brief explanation of what the hotline is all about on it. These materials were shared mostly to women who liked and accepted them. The launching was a huge success and since then the hotline has been gaining popularity.


Since the launching of Ms Rosy Hotline in 2014 till June 2015(when this write up was written) it has reached over 248,333 people (based on our data). It gained popularity through its Facebook page/social network, lectures, hand bills, discussions, statements and publications and through friendly interactions with people.


Educational and Advocacy materials for dissemination strategies


Ms Rosy A Toll Free Line. Save a woman’s Live Now .Call! (+18555531550)

In July 2016, with the technical support of Women Help Women (WHW), Ms. Rosy Hotline has been made toll free that  runs for 24 hours daily with inverter batteries ,  solar energy and internet connection  to enable constant access, reaching women all over Nigeria and beyond. GIWYN and Allies thank Amplify Change for the Strengthening Grant Support.

The hotline was made Toll free to meet women of reproductive age’s unmet Reproductive Health and Reproductive Rights needs by -:

Assisting poor and less privileged women with reliable reproductive health right and safe information

Creating awareness on the use of contraceptives and other broad sexual reproductive health right issues

Providing free health and life- saving information

Putting   power and decision in the hands of women

Reducing stigma and gender stereotype

Encouraging confidentiality

Providing affordable and accessible reproductive health service


Providing rapid response to women’s health issues


Who is Ms Rosy? Ms Rosy:

  • Is a Health Helpline (reproductive health) and information service,
  • A referral service, on reproductive health issues that gives
    reliable information.
  • Reduces communication gap between the caller and the hotline officer
  •   Allows freedom of accessing information
  •   Gives accurate  scientific information
  • Ensures the  protection of women’s dignity and right
  • Enables  women to become advocates of themselves
  • Helps the women to know more about their reproductive rights
  •   Is patient with her caller
  • It  enhances  proper case management
  • It encourages  follow up when necessary

Since Ms Rosy became Toll free in July 2016, it has recorded over 492,000 calls just in two months (according to data collected).