Vision, Mission, Values


GIWYN works towards a violence-free society where women can enjoy social, political, cultural, economic and reproductive health rights and have their personal values and dignity maintained.


Building and strengthening women and youths in sustainable development activities, to live in a peaceful and healthier environment and to enjoy their    reproductive rights .


  • Ensuring that every woman has the right to the highest standard of life,
  • Enabling environment that promotes right and wellbeing  for  all
  • Building coalitions for collective voice, power, and influence.
  • Ensuring that women are empowered economically
  • Ensuring that women are free from every form of violence
  • Increasing women and girls’ access to knowledge of Information and Communication technologies to increase their confidence and provide a form of security in accessing their rights

To achieve these mission and Objectives GIWYN engages   in the following activities that have resulted in, but not limited to

  • Training girls in different entrepreneurship skills such as Information, Communication and Technology
  • Exposing poor children or children from the poorest of the poor homes to quality education and recreation
  • Empowering women by giving them micro credits to alleviate poverty. This has resulted in women engaging in organized trading • -Educating women on their rights and interests through seminars and workshops by recognizing International days of events such as, International Women’s Day, 16 days of Activism , Abortion Rights Day,.



  • Engaging in research and advocacy on reproductive and sexual health rights of women and youths.
  • Defending gender equality, social and reproductive justice. -Works with people living with HIV/AIDS , –
  • Influencing policy to ensure that Reproductive Right Policies incorporated into International treaties are domesticated In particular, we work with MDG 5b (Universal Access to Reproductive Health) and then strengthen it by linking it with the other MDG Such education, a programmatic structure allows GIWYN to be strategically focused and approach the overreaching goal in a holistic manner. We connect our rural women’s issues to the global world to find solutions and strengthen our network, We Participate in call for action against poverty, early marriage and child bearing, HIV/Aids, abortion, and reproductive and social injustice.
  • Increases women access to reproductive health information through the hotline strategy