Terms of Reference

Purpose of the Group

National Coalition for Reproductive Justice (NCRJ) is a national coalition born out of the desire to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity .It is made up like minded organizations and individuals who have the desire to take health to the door step of women in order 


Health service and information reaching every woman’s the doorsteps 

Ambition: Ensuring health for all women and children in Nigeria 


Women Right Advocates, women’s rights at the national level, human right organizations and grassroots organizations, putting particular focus on reducing maternal mortality and morbidity and achieving full Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights of Women and young people 


The National Coalition is a volunteer-based organization with 12 dedicated organizations .The National Coalition for Reproductive Justice (NCRJ) was born out of Women Global Network For Reproductive Rights (WGNRR) training of human right and women’s health advocacy in Nigeria. NCRJ is made up of civil society organization, grassroots and women group based organization. The membership includes individuals comprising of lawyers, healthcare providers, and human right advocates. The Lead organization oversees the sustainability of the Coalition.

There are three committees which include:

  • Steering Committee,

  • • Awareness Creation Committee

  • • The Policy Influencing Committee


There is the lead organization and the committees and the members


Lead Organization

  • • sets agenda for meetings
  • • chairs meetings
  • • ensures meeting content is applicable to the mandate of the Coalition
  • • ensures follow-up on action items
  • • monitors and corrects Members behavior as required
  • • approves NCRJ external communications
  • • acts as official spokesperson for NCRJ
  • • approves draft minutes for distribution
  • • Chairs Recruitment Sub-Committees
  • • Receives and reviews applications for membership and presents to Coalition
  • • receives and reviews complaints and presents to Coalition (e.g. conduct of members, general concerns regarding activities of the NCRI) Fundraise for the Coalition

The Steering Committee

  • • Headed by the lead Organization
  • • Composed of 12 steering members who are representatives of the organization member
  • • Facilitates and guides the Coalition.
  • • Set their overall policy,
  • • Develops strategy,
  • • Oversee finances.
  • • Provides support to the Coalition’s action teams and other committees.
  • • The lead organization serves as liaisons to action teams.
  • • The Steering committee and all members are members of awareness creation committee and policy influencing committee

Coalition Member

  • • attends and actively participates in network meetings and external activities
  • • takes on and follows through on tasks to support implementation of annual strategic plan and project
  • • Contributes to the creation of Action Plan


  • • an application for membership to the Coalition shall be available on the NCRJ website
  • • applications shall be submitted to the Lead Organization
  • • applications shall be reviewed by the Lead organization and steering committee and presented to the Coalition applicants shall be required to attend a meeting of the Coalition for introduction
  • • acceptance of an application shall be by majority vote of the Coalition
  • • the above process shall be followed for vacancies amongst the Executive; save for the attendance at a Coalition meeting for introduction

Membership Criteria:

  • • Shall be National Organizations, Women Organizations, grassroots originations working on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Health and Wellbeing
  • • acknowledges and understands the Gender Equality linking with Health of Women
  • • actively pursues opportunities to advocate for policy change


  • • Stays abreast of the activities of the NCRJ
  • • Actively participates in the activities of the NCRJ
  • • advocates on behalf of the NCRJ and promotes the implementation of health policies according to international treaties
  • • networks with other Coalition Members including policy makers government officials ,traditional leaders and humanright organizations.


The committee members are the leaders of the member organizations and one other member she deems fit. Members may be removed if their behavior is deemed to be non-compliant with the term of reference. Additionally, members’ organizations may be removed if having missed three consecutive meetings of the Coalition or 50% of the total annual meetings. 

Coalition Network Meetings:

Meetings shall be held quarterly and more frequently as required. Quorum requires fifty-one percent of the filled seats of the Coalition, including a minimum two Executive Members. If quorum is not met, items will be viewed as discussion only and raised at a subsequent meeting. Quorum shall be noted in the meeting minutes and whether votes have passed.


Sub-committees of the Coalition may be formed as required. Sub-committees may include members of the community at large, but must include at least one member of the Coalition.

Code of Conduct: 

This Code of Conduct applies to all Coalition members, volunteers (including members the Lead organization and members of the Steering l Committees), and individuals contracted by the Coalition on a “purchase for service” agreement. It is expected that all such individuals will:

  • • Represent the best interests of the members and the organization of National Coalition For Reproductive Justice and not participate in any activity that negatively impacts the reputation of the Coalition
  • • Interact with one another and members of the public in a professional, courteous, civil, dignified, respectful, fair and equitable manner.
  • •Respect confidentiality of information received in the course of Coalition meetings and activities
  • • Declare potential conflict of interest and refrain from discussion when applicable
  • • Give recognition to others who contribute to the success of the organization and its activities
  • • Not speak on behalf of the Coalition unless designated by a Lead Organization or the Steering Committee
  • • Adopt clear, documented processes and equal access to information for all members
  • • Ensure there are competitive opportunities when services of contractors or employment opportunities arise
  • • Prepare for and participate in Coalition’s network meetings and keep informed about developments and issues relevant to Coalition activities

Failure to abide by the Terms Reference will result in disciplinary action up to and including removal from the Coalition or position.


  1. Generation Initiative for Women and Youth Network (GIWYN)
  2. Federated Women Alliance
  3. Mother Care Initiative
  4. Azaraegbelu Orphans and Widows
  5. Save The Girl Child Initiative
  6. Women and Girls Emancipation
  7. Royal Empowerment Skills
  8. Rehoboth Foundation
  9. Women of Faith Ministries
  10. Learning World
  11. Trust and Care

Date: Nov 16,2012



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